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About us

Sanster Engieers was founded in the year 2002 by Mr.Venkatesh Mudlapur, solely with the intention of providing a strong support base for reputed manufacturers of critical pharmaceutical engineering machineries like, Sterilizers, Walk-in chabers, Mixing vessels, Filtration systems Andhra Pradesh. This was the time when good companies were did not have a presence in hyderabad though they had excellent products. Sanster engineers was envisioned to ensure a support base for the companies who did not have a presence in AP though having a good product.


My Belief, Conviction

I have always believed in the philosophy of helping people buy rather than sell. Being available, in person, on the phone before, after and always is very important. Pharmaceutical customers today are under tremendous pressure from their customers and supporting them with requisite answers and service support has been cruicial in garnering the trust that Sanster Engineers has today.

We understand the importance of service. Sanster has therefore put in place stringent criteria in the selection of its principals and always ensured the customer's perspective is understood clearly and responded to in a timely manner.

Our five philosophies

The above 5 keywords summarize the whole guiding philosophy of Sanster Engineers.