Rotary Drum of Bung Processor Freeze Dryer Sanster Engineers Super Heated Water Spray Sterilizer Multi Effect Distillation Still Freeze Dryer Sanster Engineers Pure Steam Generator
Rotary Drum of Bung Processor1 Freeze Dryer2 Sanster Engineers3 Super Heated Water Spray Sterilizer4 Multi Effect Distillation Still5 Freeze Dryer6 Sanster Engineers7 Pure Steam Generator8
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Freeze Dryer
Superheated Water Spray Sterilizer
Multiple Effect Distillation Still
Pure Steam Generator

Machinfabrik is a leading company, manufacturing innovative products that excel in engineering and efficiency for pharmaceuticals and hospitals.

Machinfabric manufactures various types of sterilizers, Multieffect distillation stills, Pure steam generators and Lyophilisers. The products of Machinfabrik are engineered with precision and to deliver high thermal efficiency. The engineering capability coupled with accurate and adequate documentation ensure that not only are your operational costs under control, but your validation needs are also well addressed.

Machinfabric manufactures various types of products for Hospitals such as Flash sterilizers, Endoscope washers, Bedan washer, Medister etc.These products are engineered keeping in mind the stringent sanitary needs of the Hospital industry. SS316L construction, with electropolished surface ensure high sanitary engineering standards. Reliable and robust PLC controls ensure consistent performance and elimination of human errors.

Machinfabrik understands the criticality of downtime, be in pharmaceuticals or healthcare. Fully trained service engineers are deputed at short notice to the ensure your trust is upheld. Service engineers are carefully located at key geographical locations to ensure shortest travel time across our installation geography


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospitals



    • Steam Sterilizer
    • Dry Heat Sterilizer (DHS)
    • Pure Steam Generators
    • Multi Effect Distillation Still
    • Lyophilizers
    • Bung Processors
    • Superheated water steam sterilizer
    • Ventilator Autoclave
    • Rapid cooling Sterilizer


    • Bubble Power
    • Pyrotech
    • Disinfectomat
    • Flash Sterilizer
    • Endoscope washer
    • Ethylne oxide sterilizer
    • Bedpan washer
    • Furniture accessories