Sanster Engineers Magan Filtration Centre-MFC Components-Under fabrication Welder at Work Sanster Engineers 293,147 mm Filter Holder Charge Modified Depth Filter Assembly Filtration Trials in Process
Sanster Engineers1 Magan Filtration Centre-MFC2 Components-Under fabrication3 Welder at Work4 Sanster Engineers5 293,147 mm Filter Holder6 Charge Modified Depth Filter Assembly7 Filtration Trials in Process8
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Microfilt India P. Ltd

Filtration System
PLC Controlled Filtration System
Carbon Filtration System

Established in 1990, Microfilt is a 21 years old filtration company. Driven by their passion for filtration, Microfilt's approach to filtration is through onsite filtration studies. Microfilt has excellent infrastructure to its disposal. With a full fledge state-of-art filtration laboratory 'Magan Filtration Centre' at their Umbergaon unit, Microfilt has been providing cost effective and innovative solutions to their customers.


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Bio-Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical / Bulk Drugs
  • Coatings / Paint
  • Food & Beverages
  • Water Treatment
  • Oil / Petrochemicals

  • Fully Automated SCADA based sterile filtration skids.
  • Filter Housings.
  • Filter Cartridges
  • Catalyst recovery systems (fully automated)
  • Carbon filtration systems fully automated)