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Sanster Engineers has been the trusted agency for critical pharmaceutical engineering equipments since 2001 in Hyderabad for Andhra Pradesh.

Understanding the customer requirements, timely support and only offering products from companies of repute, reliability, service support and trust has been the key driving philosophy.

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Adam Fabriwerk Thermolab Microfilt Axiva sichem Machinfabrik

The above companies, represented by us are leaders in their fields with considerable expertise, years of experience and with excellent infrastructure.We have efinitely excelled in the support of our customers during the enquiry and the purchase stage, but we are known for our excellent track record to support our customers during any breakdown. Our principals have been supportive in ensuring availability of their service personnel even during short notice periods

What's New?


CARBOFILT-Carbon removal system by MICROFILT

If your problem is carbon removal, look no further. CARBOFILT is an excellently designed system with complete assurance of complete removal of carbon from your products. CARBOFILT is fully automated with PLC controls.


Catreco - Catalyst Recovery System by MICROFILT

The process of catalyst recovery has got simplified. CATRECO is a pathbreaking technology which incorporates process of filtration and catalyst recovery in one single operation, which is fully automated.